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Matell Software's website Like an old Folkboat, still up and sailing well.... if very out of date. Laura Lemay's "Teach yourself web publishing with HTML 3.2 in 14 days" got us started last century. Frontpage? No, thank you.

Caroline Fraser's website This one has many visitors from all over the world. It was made at a time when cascading style sheets were just beginning to be fully supported and it still leans a bit too heavily on HTML and tables. It ought to be redone, but there are a heck of a lot of pages in both English and Spanish.

Cho Oyu websiteThe awesome global implications of small home-made and run websites was very evident as the daily updates and photos from Tibet came in here from the other side of the world... and, most unsettlingly, one day abruptly stopped.

Småroi websiteCool "drop-down" menu...

... the cookery bookindulging family...

vevstedet websitethe time is coming...

OSCDG website...so! What do you do on long dark winter nights?

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